An Research of the Protagonist in Othello by William Shakespeare

An Examination of the Protagonist in Othello by William Shakespeare

In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello, the protagonist, a dark Venetian basic, succumbs to conniving schemes and spills the bloodstream of his innocent white colored wife. Othello, seen as a his feats on the battlefield and matrimony into a great Venetian residence, was on a vertical ascension in to the upper echelons of Venetian world until he's undone by his enemy, Iago. Through his downfall, Othello embodies the complexity of the human condition by exhibiting how jealousy, like, and insecurity all intermingle to create the essence of a person.

Othello’s actions throughout the take up are based after his thoughts of insecurity. Being truly a moor that was used by the Venetians, Othello seems out of place in the “curled darlings” culture of Venice (1.2.71). He's a proven battlefield commander and believes that through the acknowledgement of his support, Venetian society encourage him. When faced with the Duke concerning his relationship to Desdemona, the earliest words out of his mouth certainly are a testament of his program to the state, as though to blend into their world and gain the acceptance of others present. The unfortunate reality of the problem is that Othello will be considered different because of his skin color, whatever services he donate to Venetian culture. The Duke must console Desdemona’s dad that Othello is worth marrying his daughter by stating “Your son-in-law is a lot more fair than black” (1.3.286), which highlights the major segregation between your Venetians and moors. Nevertheless, even the Duke

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