A great Analysis of The Odyssey simply by Homer

 An Analysis of The Odyssey by Homer Essay

Girls are really good, but persons in the past would not think they were strong. In the days, girls would begin of like a housewife. Inside the book The Journey, written by Homer, the story discusses women who are incredibly strong and could be like empress. Women are strong mainly because women in the story will be goddess, and so they do things not all women can do. They can conserve and help persons. Some of the goddess could be the empress of beauty and some with the could be goddess of brains. The goddess Athena, Zeus's favorite and the most prettiest little girl. She would like her father to totally free Odysseus and let him go back home safely and securely, " The goddess Athena, begs her father, Zeus, to allow Odysseus to return safely and securely to his home in Ithaca. (722)” It shows Athena was obviously a strong women because Athena begs her father to free Odysseus and for him to return securely home. What are the other women thats strong like Athena? � Penelope the queen, Odysseus's dedicated wife. Penelope is expecting Odysseus to come back to their home in Ithaca. " Dismiss your mother from the property, or make her marry the men that her dad names and she favors. (726; 157-158)” It shows Penelope was a strong ladies because Penelope waits intended for Odysseus to go back home and not all women can do this. How can be described as women solid if the girl keep a guy for several years? Calypso a beautiful goddess, a cock hungry sluts who lives on Ogygia. Calypso keep Odysseus for several years. Treating him because her mate. " Though he struggled shy of her and her desire, he lay with her each night, to get she compelled him. (734; 292-293)” This shows Calypso was a good women mainly because she held Odysseus for seven years, but finally she had to let Odysseus go back home. The girl was a solid women mainly because she was able to let Odysseus leave and not force him to stay. � Women will be strong since they can do things that not a lot of men can do. They do those things for themselves and then for other people. Calypso, Penelope, and Athena, they can be some ladies who are good. Most of the people feel that women...