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Allexus Munoz

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January twenty-five, 15

Vicki Sebade

My own Backpack

My name is Allexus Munoz. Despite the turmoil that has occurred in my life, a large number of traumatic. My family has always been; close knit. A family like acquire filled with athletes, scholars, and comedians was the best support system to make it through the most challenging times inside our lives good results . my family there were nothing that we could not make it through. Finding Christ has been the highlight of living, finding him took place following one of the most life altering traumatic experience. In January of 2005, my dad had collapsed on the floor, which needed an immediate response team. The response crew flew him to St Joseph medical center where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a bleeding brain, and although non- cancerous this kind of tumor was quickly developing. With all that was going on after an immediate medical procedures took place to regulate the bleeding, and decrease the size of the tumor. Following your surgery doctors came out to share my family, my dad had dropped into a coma. It was 8 weeks later that doctors recommended my mom there was no hope, and he'd just be a vegetable in the event he made it through the coma, brain tumor, and more medical issues to come. It absolutely was not right up until a few weeks later my dad became reactive and more with your life and healthy than ever despite his head tumor situated on his brain stem that could not really be extracted because of the location. It was not really until after a numerous amount of church attendance, plea, and support that my father received a spiritual face that altered his and our lives permanently. To this day, I actually am a real believer of what Christ is and what he's capable of. I have been designing a relationship with God as I was seven years old, and still to this day I do not need a mastered relationship. Prior to incident that took place in 2004, my father was not the most faithful and constant husband. The near fatality experience produced him a changed gentleman, with years of your developing romantic relationship...