Cameron Highland

 Cameron Highland Essay


Time 1 .

Last week, 17th August 2014, students from BM240 5C, BM240 4B and BM240 4C under topics Issue Advertising, Business Marketing and Channel Marketing were joined a study trip that kept at Cameron j. Highland. The classes got using UiTM Malacca City Campus' tour bus to go there. This trip was accompanied by Sir Juan Rizal and Sir Farhi. Before left, we were supplying short agglomeration about the tentative which will happen by Cameron by project head, Nur Syuwaidah. We were left from UiTM about three or more. 00 s. m. I was reached at Cameron about 12. 00 a. meters. to 1. 00 a. meters. It is a little bit late as a result of traffic jam. Following reached before Ivy Resort, the travel agency helps us to settle the process of check in and dinner. Due to come late, therefore activities for that night was cancelled and we were given the perfect time to rest and also for tomorrow activities. Day time 2 .

By 8. 35 a. meters., we were set up in front resort and wait for bus to get us to Hotel Insieme Passadena breakfast every day. Among the lunch break provided had been ‘Nasi Lemak', fried noodles, fried rice, and cereals. After lunch break we were offered time to take a walk for taking in the sights outside lodge. The place is usually beautiful and we will regret whenever we does not have pictures being a memory. Around 10 o'clock, we traveled to BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre. Because of the hills, UiTM bus are unable to go there, thus we take another bus that provided by the BOH which can be smaller than UiTM. The road is fairly dangerous, but the driver tour bus is very professional because he handles the coach very well and that we are safely and securely arrived at the BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre. Right now there we were carried out by the workers there. This individual explained about the history, the benefits of tea plus the owner of the farm. From then on, we were presented permission to consider a go walking the BOH Tea manufacturing plant and see the process of grinding the tea leafs. Around 12. 30 s. m. we went to Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm. Because of weather, we cannot go activities for strawberry farmville farm besides buying...