Coursework Composition

Using these types of four passages and your very own knowledge, assess the view that international diplomacy failed to accomplish stability in Europe from 1919 to 1930. In the beginning, interpretation A presents the lovely view that common pacts between Germany, Athens and England helped peace in the region. These kinds of agreements would have allowed the possibility of future transactions as well as reducing post-war stress; however , since interpretation M agrees, I really believe this détente was an " illusion”. I believe the idea the deals helped obtain stability being unjustified, while the 1920's show, arbitration through worldwide organisations did not work – especially wherever Eastern European countries was worried. In 1920 Poland introduced two intense wars against Lithuania and Russia, the 1920 Polish-Soviet war plus the 1919 Polish-Lithuanian war correspondingly, and irrespective of Lithuania's is of interest towards the League of Nations, not any action was taken against Poland. Russia's situation likewise highlights a problem with countries that were not invited to sign up the Group, namely Russia and Germany, as they cannot appeal for the League - this is supported by France's armed service invasion in the Ruhr in 1923. This supports the concept arbitration would not achieve stableness in 1920; countries will certainly make agreements without fear of retribution from the League if they broke these people, and this may have furthered systematisierter wahn amongst newer and smaller states in Eastern The european union who were not able to properly guard themselves. Fear from attacks would have led to a build up in arms, armaments, and complicite as is proven with the creation of the ‘Little Entente' between Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia in 1919 and 1920. While one could argue this would have resulted in stability through stability, the Genoa Meeting of 1922 highlighted stress between the countries, especially in which the Soviet Union was worried – due to the failures, I really believe it served only to increase tensions inside the East together with the Soviet Union and Indonesia. This...