Reflection about Hamlet

 Reflection in Hamlet Essay

Eric Mongalez

Mr. Fanzone


Learning Hamlet

In 1603, William Shakespeare published what is today known as probably the most plays of them all, Hamlet. Hamlet tells the story of the Ruler of Denmark being murdered by his brother, Claudius. The King of Denmark's son, Hamlet is frequented by his father that has become a ghost and the ghost tells Hamlet that his own brother killed him. The rest of the account displays how Hamlet will everything he can to bring justice to his father's brand and take away Claudius from the throne. This play contains love, enthusiasm, mistakes, delusion, pain and revenge.

The Tragedy of Hamlet was definitely totally different from my additional Shakespeare activities. Before Hamlet, I had examined Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. Macbeth was about a power- famished man that murders his way to power and lets greed overpower his conscience that eventually contributes to his fatality. Romeo and Juliet is known as a sappy like story. I thought that Hamlet contains more life lessons than ‘greed is bad' or ‘love is more robust than anything'. I sensed that Hamlet has a number of life lessons in that that any individual can study from. Hamlet truly does everything they can to bring justice to fathers name possibly in the sacrifice of his public graphic. For a large portion of the play, Hamlet is considered a madman or frustrated. Little did people know that Hamlet was just conspiring how to get again at Claudius. He truly does what he has to carry out and this individual doesn't treatment what other people thought. What a great existence lesson. To complete what needs to be done, to do what is proper in your cardiovascular system and to end up being perseverant. But the thing that I learned out of this play that we will bear in mind forever can be when Hamlet says " For there is certainly nothing either good or bad but thinking can make it so. ” I believe that this quote is going to save me from unhappiness or anxiety later on around me. That quote is so philosophical in so very little words. What would take people paragraphs or internet pages or ebooks to explain, William shakespeare did in...