Blossoms for Algernon

 Essay regarding Flowers to get Algernon

Compare and Contrast Essay

" Flowers intended for Algernon” and Charly

" Flowers intended for Algernon” and " Charly” have some commonalities in Personas, in Setting, and in Plot.

1 . Character types (state four similarities)

• In both the movie and the book charly was not very smart and wanted to have operation completed make him smarter. • In both the  movie as well as the book charly had to contest the mouse Algernon in a maze to see charly's progress • In both the  movie and the publication charly Acquired good support from miss kinian • In the movie plus the book the guys at the stock were somewhat mean to  charly to make fun of him.

installment payments on your Setting (state two similarities)

• In both the movie and the publication Charly was at the flat where he lived • In both the movie and the publication Charly went to night college

3. Plot (state five similarities)

• Both of them end the same way with charly if she is not smart. • At the beginning  of both Charly was not proficient at paying attention. • After the procedure Charly got very intelligent and then stupid again • In both the book as well as the movie Charly's coworkers pretended to be his friends, although really selected him to make fun of him. • In equally Charly traveled to a tavern with the persons he worked with and they cast off him.

" Flowers pertaining to Algernon” and " Charly are quite distinct in Heroes, in Establishing, and in Storyline.

1 . Characters: Flowers Pertaining to Algernon 1st topic (state four variations per each)

• In the book Charly travelled from being very blameless and wishing to learn to kind of cocky and arrogant after he was extremely smart.  • In the book

•In the book

• In the book

Heroes: Charly second topic

• in the movie

•  in the movie

•  in film production company

•  in the movie

2 . Setting: Blossoms For Algernon first matter (state two differences per each)

• charly did not go to a area

Environment: Charly second topic

• charly went to the park 3 x

3. Story: Flowers Pertaining to Algernon first topic (state two distinctions per each)

• a single

• two...