Health Care Marketing Information Matrix

 Health Care Advertising Information Matrix Essay

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Health Care Promoting Information Matrix

There are a variety info sources that may be used by buyers to obtain information relating to the marketing of health care product or service. The following matrix is intended to help you in organising the information contained in these sources. Consider the types of marketing messages that these details sources may well contain and the reliability from the marketing communication. Following the presented example, identify three examples of your personal.

Source of Health Information

Form of Health-Related Data

Marketing Emails

How the Buyer May Assess the Accuracy or Reliability of the Marketing Messages List the information source, such as Internet websites, WebMD, MedLine, or perhaps the news media. Form of information provided by the source

List at least one marketing message getting communicated for the consumer in this particular information resource. List 1 approach the consumer may use to verify the accuracy in the marketing communication. Example:

Website in relation to Zyrtec

McNEIL-PPC, Inc. (n. d. ). Zyrtec. In Zyrtec. Gathered from Example:

Information associated with the use of Zyrtec in the take care of allergies Example:

Zyrtec is a fast-acting allergy remedies that maintains its result for 24 hours after a single dosage. Example:

Use the product to assess whether it works mentioned previously.

National Mass media Marketing Campaign promoting the drug Lyrica

Information associated with use of Lyrica for the relief of diabetic soreness Do you want relief from the stabbing leg soreness? Just question your doctor if Lyrica is right for you. Review a therapy efficacy summary.

U. S i9000. News Site relating to top hospitals

List and get ranking top private hospitals in the U. S.

U. S. Reports reviews hostipal wards, doctors, nursing jobs...