How to Attract Young People towards the Church

 How to Attract Teenagers to the Cathedral Essay

" The question of how to attract and maintain our young adults close to the House of worship is among major concern in our struggling age. To stay indifferent to this problem can just be regarded as a grave bad thing and is the of soul-destroying self-love. ” This is the point of view of the Revolution. Fr. Rodion Laskowsk in whose words surpasse society's dictations and arrest every overcome of the listener's heart. Although seemingly mysterious at times, there is that nudge in the abdomen which pushes the youthful to embrace the cortege. There is an ever more negative watch of young people in Jamaica, both in the church and society. The voice of the church is still respected by many people, actually those who are certainly not out appropriately affiliated with 1. This places the church in a strategic situation to influence society absolutely to change its attitude to young people and to nurture young ones in the seeds of unconscious worship. Sadly, the image with the church, as revealed with a contemporary time, has been waned and demystified, owing to a negligence of its people to guide the youths in the marathon of life. Certainly, this work should not be still left solely after the chapel; however , it is far better believed this social company does not are unsuccessful when it concerns affect and motivation. " If the church is to succeed in raising the profile of young adults in society, it must start by destroying the walls of injustice within the cathedral that suck life and hope coming from young people, ” Kabelo Matthews Ruda- interpersonal commentator. Currently, there exists a plethora of lawlessness and inequity