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International Business and Policy


Question 1

Matn is an American, working for a north american company, Hydropower, that is executing a new project in an African country.

Matn has been directed by his company to perform 3 certain duties: (1) to work with the national federal government of the Africa country device local community that is affected by the newest hydro plan to ensure that the organization gets all necessary permissions to proceed with the project; (2) to establish an office and hire people to work in that office to look after such issues as purchasing, staff recruiting, customers and immigrations concerns, and (3) help tourists (mainly the corporation engineers) turn into accommodated and oriented when visiting the African country.

Martin is no stranger to Africa. After away from university in the united states, he became a member of the Serenity Corps and worked in many African countries. He tried to avoid merely mixing with all the expatriates (mainly Westerners) during these countries, and developed his own creed of ‘Don't draw attention to yourself, and above all, learn and respect the traditions. '

Matn had been working for Hydropower inside the African region for about 1 . 5 years and his American manager was now along the way of deciding whether to keep Martin in the African situation. The supervisor had a few concerns regarding Martin.

There were no issues about Martin's performance. He had completed the first level of the hydro development ahead of the scheduled some under spending budget. The concern put around other matters.

First of all, although there were no written company guidelines about how expatriates lived abroad, it was anticipated that they ought to live in a way that reflected a prosperous foreign company. Martin, however , acquired avoided managing other expatriates, choosing to reside a middle section class African neighbourhood. The business thought this might be setting a bad example pertaining to other expatriates.