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Folk Dances of India

India is known as a land of assorted cultures and traditions. Diversities in all spheres make the American indian culture quite unique. Indian folk and tribal dances are product of different socio-economic set up and traditions. Indian folk and tribal dances are simple and they are performed expressing joy. In India we now have festivals and celebrations virtually every day. It has added to the richness of Indian culture. Since every single festival can be accompanied by celebration, folk dances have become a fundamental element of our cultural milieu. While there are many folk and tribal dances, they are constantly improved. The skill plus the imagination in the dances influence the efficiency.

Folk dances are performed for every conceivable occasion, to signify the entrance of conditions, birth of a kid, a wedding and festivals. The folk dances are extremely straightforward with the least steps or movement. Indian folk dances are full of strength and vitality. Some dances are performed separately by men and women whilst in some shows men and women dance together. Of all occasions, the dancers sing themselves, combined with artists with instruments. Every form of folk dance includes a specific halloween costume and beat. Most of the costumes, worn for folk dances, are multi-colored with comprehensive jewels and designs.

Central India

Gaur party is a popular folk dance of Madhya Pradesh dances. Gaur dance is definitely popular in the Sing Marias or Tallaguda Marias of South Bastar. Men put head-dresses with stringed 'cowries' and plumes of peacock feathers and make their way to the dancing earth. Women ornamented with metal fillets and bead jewellery with their tattooed bodies likewise join the gathering. The boys beat the plats, tossing the horns and feathers of their head-gears to the rising " cadence " that gives the dance a wilder contact.

East India

Chhau is a popular folk party of Bihar. Since face masks form an essential feature with this dance it can be called 'Chhau', which means hide. All the Chhau performers keep swords and shields when performing. The stages happen to be decorated and brightly lit up by torches, lanterns and flickering petrol lamps. The musical instruments used are the Dhol (a cylindrical drum), Nagara (a huge drum) and Shehnai (reed pipes). The Chhau dance is performed by males and kids. Chhau boogie is full of energy and durability. It is interesting to note that the entire body with the dancer is engaged as being a single device. This gestures of the dancer has to be graceful and effective.

North East India

Bihu is a popular folk dance of Assam is called Bihu. The Bihu party is a fundamental element of the Bihu festival of Assam. The Bihu festivity is commemorated in mid-April, during the collection time and lasts for about a month. Young men and girls execute the Bihu dance collectively to the backing of piles and water lines. Love forms the subject matter of the tracks that are being sung during the performance. The dances are performed in sectors or parallel rows.

North India

Dumhal is a popular party of Kashmir. This dance is performed with long colorful robes, tall cone-shaped caps (studded with beads and shells). Dumhal dance is accompanied by songs that this performers themselves sing. It can be supported by percussion. There is a unique tradition linked to Dumhal party where the performers of this move place a banner into the floor at a set location plus they begin to men dance around this banner.

Southern India

Padayani is one of the the majority of colorful and popular dances of Southern Kerala. Padayani is linked to the festival of certain wats or temples, called Padayani or Paddeni. Such temples or wats are in Alleppey, Quilon, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam districts. The main Kolams (huge masks) displayed in Padayani are Bhairavi (Kali), Kalan (god of death), Yakshi (fairy) and Pakshi (bird).

The west India

Dollu Kunitha is a superb drum boogie of Karnataka state. In the Dollu Kanitha dance, significant drums happen to be adorned with colored outfits and loaf around the necks of males. The tunes used in...