In the Wild: Language

 Into the Crazy: Vocabulary Essay


Chapter 1:

unsullied- not soiled, untarnished.

enormity- outrageous or atrocious character; atrociousness.

Chapter Two:

graffito- an ancient drawing or perhaps writing nicked on a wall or additional surface. ominous- portending nasty or harm; foreboding; frightening; inauspicious. incommunicable- incapable of being communicated, imparted, shared, etc . futility- the standard of being ineffective; ineffectiveness; uselessness. escarpments- Geology. a long, precipitous, clifflike shape of terrain, rock, and also the like, frequently formed simply by faulting or fracturing from the earth's brown crust area. amalgam- a great alloy of mercury with another steel or alloys.

antimony- something utilized for or regarded as representing something different; a materials objectВ representing anything, often some thing immaterial; emblem, token, or sign. disquieting- lack of quiet, peace, or perhaps ease; panic; uneasiness. terse- neatly or effectively to the point; brief and pithy, since language. enigmatic- resembling an enigma; complicated; mysterious.

subcutaneous- situated or perhaps lying underneath the skin, as tissue.

Chapter Three:

plebeian- belonging or regarding the common persons.

altruistic- unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others ( in opposition to egoisticВ ). eminent- high in stop, rank, or repute; visible; distinguished. abstraction- the action of looking at something as being a general top quality or attribute, apart from cement realities, specific objects, or actual situations. Chapter 4:

turbulent- being in a express of frustration or tumult; disturbed. vagabonds- wandering from place to place without any satisfied home; nomadic retrospect- consideration of the past; a study of regular past time, events, etc . contemplative- the act of contemplating; considerate observation. precipitous- the work or faculty of perceiving, or catching by means of the senses or of the head; cognition; understanding. meager- lacking in quantity or top quality; lacking fullness or richness; scanty;...