Journey to the Full Moon

 Journey to the Full Moon Dissertation

Villena, Carolina A. January twenty three, 2006

KC03500055 / BSCS 3 – LITR01F1Ms. Mary Grace Mendoza


This is my account where My spouse and i deeply in love with a person who never adored me and i also tried to get from my mind but , having a 1st love was very complicated to reject. And falling in take pleasure in too early with no maturity was my biggest mistake.

My personal heart beats after i was a Grade 6 student where the seating agreement began and I met some guy who became my seatmate… his name can be Christopher. As we met the other person, our communication was bottomless. When I cried, he was one who have cares and problems to me. Having been the one who have give me happiness with full of delight. My spouse and i never forget enough time when we started to be great pals but , those activities won't last forever due to a great incident. My spouse and i left my personal notebook inside my armchair for a short minute and when My spouse and i came back, a secret revelation was exposed as my personal female classmates read several contents on what do I find myself on him and there is a misinterpretation on few statements… " Friendship relationship”. Christopher was upset when he thinks there were a romance which I did not mean for. Since, the incident experienced already happened even could never been rewind, my overwhelming like began.

Pertaining to 5 years remaining (including our senior high school life) within my alma mater, I used to be still supportive him also I deal with the result and sufferings from him and my entire high school schoolmates. Even my loved ones esp. my own mother, she scolds me and gave a lot of physical discomfort just to retain me far away from him nevertheless my cardiovascular, my mind and my overall body wants to comply with him mainly because I think I won't see him again after we finished high school. Christopher is my first love and it is impossible to refuse him easily. Whenever I tried to overlook him, I imagine him in many scenarios…

And just how crazy and juvenile I actually am! Each and every time he implicates me, I actually revenge him but whenever I do that, I was continue to a loss for many causes. There were times he desperately criticized myself that...