Immigration and migration

 Essay about Immigration and migration

Immigration & Migration

Immigration is the movement of people from a single place to another. During 1868 to 1917 Westward growth was taking place. Many people believed in Manifest Destiny, which usually meant that it absolutely was destined for people to move to the western. That Our god wanted it to happen in this way. That it was destined to bring world, technology, and industry to uncivilized land that didn't have these types of important things. As Westward enlargement continues you see a few issues happening, there is conflicts while using Indians, will be certainly opportunities on the western part of the country, there was terrain expansion, discover expansion of industry, they're key enhancements being made, there's expansion in population, there's urbanization, immigration into metropolitan areas, and growth to urban centers. All of these I have listed would not happen in sequential purchase meaning one after an additional, but many of those factors were happening concurrently.

There were many push/pull factors of Westward migration. A few of the push elements include: more than crowded towns, costly asian farmland, large unemployment rates, and difficult overall economy. These factors are the good reason that people remaining and moved west. A number of the pull elements include: Exclusive property, opportunity, and government incentives. One or two examples of federal government incentives are definitely the Homestead Act, Morrill Land-Grant Act, and railroad financial assistance. These elements made persons attracted to this kind of location.

Between your time period of 1861-1890 there have been a couple of disputes that included the Indians. Some of the crucial ones incorporate: Sand Creek Massacre, Battle of Little Bighorn, and Battle of Wounded Knees. Lets start out with the Sand Creek Massacre, it started in 1864. This began with gruesome Cheyenne raids on wagon locomotives and negotiations towards the east of Denver colorado. In retaliation, this guy named Colonel John Chivington sent his force of 700 men to come down upon the encamped Cheyenne and Arapaho. Chivington's men slaughtered 150-500 people. Another...