Nektar Strategy

 Nektar Business Plan Essay

150 North Foster St .

Dothan, AL 36301

1 ) 0 Exec Summary1

Data 1 – Highlights1

1 . 1 Objectives1

1 . 2 Mission2

1 . 3 Keys to Success2

2 . zero Company Summary2

2 . one particular Company Ownership2

2 . two Start-up Summary2

Table one particular - Start-up3

Chart 2 – Start-up3

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four. 0 Marketplace Analysis Summary6

4. one particular Market Segmentation6

Table two - Marketplace Analysis7

Data 3 – Market Examination (Pie)7

5. 2 Target Market Segment Strategy7

4. several Industry Analysis8

4. several. 1 Competition and Buying Patterns9

5. 0 Strategy and Implementation Summary9

5. one particular Competitive Edge10

5. 2 Marketing Strategy10

5. several Sales Strategy11

5. a few. 1 Sales Forecast11

Chart 4 – Sales Monthly12

Chart a few – Sales by Year12

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five. 4 Milestones14

Table some - Milestones14

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6. 0 Management Summary15

6. 1 Personnel Plan15

Table 5 - Personnel15

7. 0 Financial Plan16

7. one particular Start-up Funding16

Table 6 - Start-up Funding16

several. 2 Significant Assumptions17

six. 3 Break-even Analysis17

Stand 7 - Break-even Analysis17

Chart several – Break-even Analysis17

six. 4 Projected Profit and Loss18

Table 8 - Profit and Loss18

Graph 8 – Profit Monthly19

Chart 9 – Profit Yearly19

Chart 10 – Gross Margin Monthly20

Chart 11 – Gross Margin Yearly20

7. 5 Expected Cash Flow20

Table on the lookout for - Funds Flow21

Graph and or chart 12 – Cash21

several. 6 Projected Balance Sheet22

Table 12 - Equilibrium Sheet22

six. 7 Business Ratios22

Desk 11 - Ratios23

1 ) 0 Executive Summary

Nektar Cafe & Wine Club is producing a new strategy where we all meet the best coffees with all the best wine for the guests. Nektar Cafe & Wine Pub will be a new stop in the location of Dothan, Alabama. Thank you primarily to Starbucks, within the past 3 decades the coffeehouse has become a familiar feature of yankee life. Every single day, millions of Americans end for an espresso-based caffeine drink. People that would not have dreamed of spending more than 55 cents for any cup of coffee many years ago right now gladly pay $3 to $5 because of their cappuccino, mocha latte or perhaps vanilla glaciers blended beverage. The specialty-coffee business keeps growing at a proper pace. During the past 30 years, there has not recently been a single 12 months, despite battle and downturn, in which niche coffee product sales have not cultivated. In many years the increase has been around double numbers. In addition , no coffeehouse chains have failed during this time, although the list of casualties in other companies is quite lengthy.

1 . 1 Objectives

2. To operate an effective Cafe & Wine Tavern in Dothan

* Making use of two workers for the first yr

2. To obtain a minimum of 200 regular customers in the Dothan industry the initial year of operation 2. To create a regional Cafe & Wine Bar whose main goal is always to exceed customer's expectations * To develop a sustainable start-up business enduring off of its own cash flow * Make Nektar Cafe & Wine Tavern the number one destination for coffee and wine in Dothan * Accomplish first season sales of $430, 000+

1 . a couple of Mission

The goal is always to provide the very best premium espressos, wines, champagnes, cognacs and whiskies to Dothan and nearby areas in a relaxed atmosphere and also to be the coffeehouse and wine bar of choice to get the area. 1 ) 3 Important factors to Achievement

* Item Quality. We all sell the particular finest items

5. Excellent Customer Service. Each client will be cared for as would an honored guest within our household * No direct competition. We are the sole Cafe & Wine Bar in the area. 5. A relaxing, upscale interior design

2. A dynamic social networking on the web

2 . zero Company Synopsis

Nektar Bistro & Wines Bar is known as a start-up business in down-town Dothan, APPROACH. Our primary focus with the serving best rated coffees; ideal rated tea including dark teas and green tea and herbal green teas; best graded wines, greatest rated champagnes, best rated cognacs, special sellections of whiskies, vodkas and beers. Additionally , we offer lunch break items, yummy wine treats such...