Practice and Rules of Breastfeeding

 Essay on Practice and Principles of Nursing

Principals And Practices Of Nursing

Toni Annette Roberts

Western Governors University

Guidelines and Techniques of Nursing

We can describe participating with other healthcare professionals inside the management of health care, and what should be done according to the regulation. (Oklahoma Board of Nursing, 2011). We can describe privacy and discuss how that affects the Nurses specialist decision making in this Case study. All of us will go over the moral implications of placing this patient within the ventilator. We will go over things the Patients sibling Mr. Sumado a should consider before agreeing to allow Dr . K to place the Patient Mr. At the on the ventilator, and details that impact the Patients Enhance Directive. We will go over violations of HIPAA seen in this Case Study. We can discuss the conduct in the Nurses in this instance study. We all will discuss the steps the professional Nurse should take depending on the BETISIER code of ethics. Collaboration is not just co-operation, it is the mixed efforts of the team to supply the best proper care possible (Nursing World, 2010). The Doctor and nurse should be coming together to achieve the ideal care for this Patient. The Nurse and Physician will need to discuss the Patients condition and wants and the wishes of the family members if the Sufferer is not capable of making decisions for himself (Nursing Universe, 2010). The nurse and Physician ought to make certain the patients sibling knows about the advance directive, so he will probably be able to make an informed decision about his brother's treatment. Confidentiality is vital in the healthcare industry. Confidentiality signifies a marriage between Patient and treatment giver of trust and respect intended for his personal privacy (Nursing Universe, 2010). If a Patient can be unsure of privacy then this communication will probably be adversely afflicted. The Registered nurse in this circumstance should never discuss patients inside the dining location, the waiting room, or perhaps anywhere else that privacy can not be guaranteed (Nursing World, 2010). The...

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