President of the United States and Usa president Election

 President of the United States and Presidential Political election Essay

CH. twenty seven

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The intensifying coalition that elected Woodrow Wilson director dissolved simply by 1920 for all the following reasons EXCEPT: A) radicals and pacifists became disenchanted with America's entrance into the Wonderful War as well as the war's post occurences B) a lot of the progressive reconstructs still looked unattainable C) intellectuals became disillusioned as a result of anti-evolution motion 2 .

The result inside the presidential selection of 1920 might be attributed to: A) the truth that Americans in the twenties were " tired of issues, sick as the primary goal of beliefs, and tired of being noble” B) the smear marketing campaign directed against Democratic applicant A. Mitchell Palmer C) the lack of women voters in the election


The " Ohio gang”:

A) was a number of angry teenagers in a short story by Sinclair Lewis about the consumer culture B) hosted the first nationwide radio plan

C) was a band of President Harding's friends who were named to political workplace 4.

John Watts. Davis:

A) created the radio

B) was the Democratic usa president candidate in 1924

C) starred in The Jazz music Singer


Coolidge's administration was proclaimed by:

A) success

B) continued tax breaks for the bottom and midsection classes in the expense with the upper class C) a slower economic downturn


The growing consumerism with the 1920s demonstrated itself in all of the of the following ways OTHER THAN: A) vehicles

B) motion pictures

C) traveling rail services


While secretary of commerce, Herbert Hoover:

A) reinforced trust-busting laws and Rights Department legal cases B) backed the trade-association movement

C) recommended strict laissez-faire policies allowing businesses to govern themselves 8.

In " yellow-dog” agreements, employers:

A) required workers to agree to stay out of unions

B) decided to submit all grievances to a arbitration panel whose decision was capturing C) agreed to automatic salary increases in return for the workers' promise to never strike 9.

Which of the next is NOT true of the " American plan” concept of job? A) It originated in Chi town.

B) It assured a more democratic work environment than most other shops. C) That established open shops.


Which with the following had not been a cause of the Depression?

A) Corporate structures was bloated by the success from the 1920s although were unprepared for the tightening of the economy. B) Andrew Mellon was overconfident in the power of market capitalism to right itself. C) The rare metal standard triggered a tensing of money supplies worldwide. |


How many people had been out of work at the begining of 1933?

A) 145, 000

B) 13 million

C) 1 ) 3 million


In his 1920 plan for leader, Warren Harding said the country needed a return to: A) normalcy

B) progressivism

C) energetic federal government


Harding's administration is most remembered to get:

A) the poor express of the economy while having been president

B) his promotion with the arts and culture

C) the scandals that plagued this


In 1926, 1 warning sign pertaining to the economy come up when a real-estate boom collapsed in: A) Florida

B) Italy

C) Texas


Despite the a large number of well-founded criticisms of Warren Harding as president, having been a futurist for his era in neuro-scientific: A) city rights

B) authorities oversight

C) traditional bank development


Which in the following had not been part of Warren Harding's obama administration? A) lowering taxes intended for the rich

B) supporting modern legislation

C) the Veterans Bureau scandal


Of the subsequent presidents, which tied govt and organization closer jointly than any kind of time other time in the 20th century? A) Warren Harding

B) Calvin Coolidge

C) Herbert Whirlpool


While secretary of commerce beneath Coolidge, Herbert Hoover's top priority was the trade-association movement, regarding which each of the following happen to be true EXCEPT that it: A) successfully blacklisted all monopolistic practices

B) allowed for price fixing among companies

C) allowed entrepreneurs to...