Reformation Fb timeline And Journal

 Reformation Schedule And Record Essay

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Reformation Time Line and Journal Items

Part one particular: Time Line

Complete the time series identifying occasions in history through the Reformation.

Identify in which the event took place on the specified date

Identify the event and its particular significance for every single date identified on the time line.

DATE: August 31, 1517


EXPLANATION: The ninety five Thesis was Martin Luther's response to the indulgences. IN WHICH: The door in the Castle House of worship in Wittenberg

DATE: May 25, 1521

DESCRIPTION: The Holy Both roman Emperor Charles V banning the articles of Martin Luther and labeling him a heretic and enemy of the point out.

The city of Worms in southwest Indonesia

DATE: 06, 1524–1526

EXPLANATION: German Peasants were struggling with German Noble due to recently been displeased with the economic and social scenario.

The Peasants War in Indonesia.

DATE: 06 25, 1530

DESCRIPTION: Emperor Charles Versus requested a meeting with the Market leaders hoping to make clear their religious beliefs in an attempt to restore faith based and personal unity. Chief Charles presumed that this will rally support against the European invasion.

Fuggerstadt, Germany

DATE: September twenty-five, 1555

EXPLANATION: Lutherans and Catholics set up peace between them. The Serenity of Fuggerstadt permitted people to transplant into a religion in whose faith was more congenial.


Augsburg, Germany

PARTICULAR DATE: August 24, 1572

EXPLANATION: King Charles IX of France order the killing of the frontrunners of Huguenot Protestant. The effect was the massacre of thousands of Huguenots across France.

Paris, france

DATE: 1618–1648

DESCRIPTION: The Thirty Years Warfare. European warfare of religion and struggle for power to alter the European balance of electricity. Germany plus the Holy Roman Empire were convinced the fighting was obviously a holy trigger and not only politics but extermination of the other.

Germany, Italy, France

DATE: October twenty-four, 1648


Tranquility of Westphalia: Brought to a finish the...