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Rentire states are wealthy typically, however the not developing nor generating to help in self sufficient, which in turn created a trouble needed to be resolved, two advised solutions are taxation with some benefits lead from my old study between high tax countries and low duty countries the other remedy is diversity and its impact on economy and socially and two supporting examples


Rentire declares is the country that obtains its profits mostly if perhaps not all by outside planets (rent) in regular basis. Most of the options for rent paid out by these other countries comes from natural resources like oil as Beblawi identifies a rentier state jointly in which rental prices are paid by overseas actors and therefore are amassed by state with limited involvement of the human population, some examples are, Saudi Arabia, kuwait, Gabon, Netherlands and others. Rent economy need to contains several element to become called rentire states that happen to be: firstgustis the rent element, second is the rent need to come from an outsider country, third, little parties has contributed in producing this hire and fourth and the majority take in it. On, the government who is responsible for obtaining the rent in the economy (suberbant, 2007) The problem:

•The rentire states produces their income from outside resource • Which get rid of domestic overall economy (yates, 1996)

•Which turn the region into an expenditure 1 instead of production •Then the region will not become self sufficient, it is resources will never be used suffetionatily which will make that an costs and centered country •The mentality changes into a rentire mentality due to lost motivation to produce or learn since people started to be dependent on the us government and the salary from the rent. •The govt goal inside the rentire point out is to spend from the hire system without taxation program for its profits which make persons less active in the decision making...

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