Science inside the service of man

 Science in the service of man Essay


In the current modern age, research plays an unquestionable function in a prevalent man's life. Behind your most common of objects, the magic that may be science reaches work. Research has made living of person much easier plus more comfortable; it includes reduced time, distance and effort & helped solve a lot of the world's tricks. It has altered our lives drastically, but generally to the better.

In the past, epidemics used to consider many lives, but vaccination has brought them under control. Research is doing miraculous service in neuro-scientific health. It has helped in saving many lives and curing fatal diseases. Various medicines have already been created that may cure nearly every disease known to man and ease all sorts of pain. Since time immemorial, transportation is a huge grave concern. But distance is useless today. Medical inventions inside the fields of transportation and communication had been great aid to man. Communications, on the other hand, would be the sheer remarkable entity in order to in keeping time and effort; you possibly can contact his peers, store, and even run his job with just his cellular phone. But every silver impair has a darker lining. Technology is the two constructive and destructive. They have given nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb, jet fighter plane, sophisticated assault pistols, pistols and rifles. Laser bombs, missiles and rockets can cause destruction and destruction at a distant place. The tools that have in fact recently been created for each of our assistance and leisure include in fact enslaved us. As a result, science has created as well as annihilated. It is an tool which must be used with rationality. It is a benefit so long as it is used with attention and caution since with great electrical power comes wonderful responsibility