Stays and Rocks

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The words unsaid and activities undone would probably remain so , but what is completed cannot be undone, and if you cause a circumstance to go from bad to worse, the effects of your deed will come to haunt you. This is what the key character of Trezza Azzopardi's short history " Supports and Stones”, Lewis, offers experienced. Lewis accepts items as they are, although he really wants to change these people: "[…]he imagines he's the person that problems teachers just like Stott and Walker, the type that the Headmaster takes critically. ”(pages 9-10, lines 61-62). The offer supports the statement and in addition implies he's a person who mixes in, and even more importantly, that he will not want to stand out. Therefore, he features adapted to his environment because he seems it is the most trusted thing to do. This has been caused by his mother, who may have told him that " It's the success of the fittest” throughout his whole life. Paul Fry is usually not peer of Lewis', but Lewis given his trait to stay in the background highlights with him surprisingly very much. The ability to emphasize so much with Paul causes Lewis to travel against his guts that tells him to mind his own issues, so it should have struck a nerve. To be able to identify with Paul so well means he provides experienced something akin to Paul's inflections, that this small percentage of his earlier underlines: " Don't be this kind of a baby. […]young boys will be kids. It's being human. ” (page 10, line 69). This individual sees himself in Paul Fry, and consequently wants to help because he experienced no assistance to claim himself. Lewis' occupation is not really stated in the text, but it withought a shadow of doubt indicates that he is a teacher. For instance, the Headmaster catches him after class: " In the morning, Harris (Headmaster) came and found him after class. ” (page 10, line 79). Moreover, Paul Fry is actually a student and once Lewis comes home after work, he features new info on Paul Smolder to tell his girlfriend, Ould -: "[…]he wished to tell her (Anna) about Paul Fry. […]After, she'd sigh when he arrived from function,...