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Summer browsing part two

@@@@In the book Abraham Lincoln: Goule Hunter, the quote that conveys a similar message while the book is " So long as this country is heart-broken with slavery, so too will it be cursed with vampires" - Seth Grahame-smith, Abraham Lincoln subsequently, Vampire Hunter. The quote means that slavery is very wrong, it is a extremely big issue and it must be stopped, so Abraham decides to fight against injustice. The summary of the book is usually when Abraham Lincoln is 6 years outdated, he discovers from his father that vampires are real. Afterwards, vampires killed his relatives, he cannot stand all the vampire and promises to eliminate as many vampire as he can. One time he could be nearly murdered by ghosts, and is kept by a great vampire known as Henry. Henry tells Abraham stories regarding vampires ( there are great and nasty vampires ), and also teaches him how to fight against these people. Lincoln consumes the summer with Henry sharpening his feelings. Henry transmits Lincoln what they are called and address of nasty vampires, And Abraham starts to track all of them down and kills these people. The idea is that vampires happen to be evil, they will killed Abraham's family. In order to avenger for his family members, he understands how to fight and track the vampires. Abraham does not just like slavery, and also the vampires, this individual decided to deal with against injustice. The quotation " As long as this country is cursed with slavery, so too will it be doomed with vampires" - Seth Grahame-smith, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter clarifies that this individual hates slavery, and sees that if that they stop slavery, it's much easier to get rid of vampires because those evil vampires buy slaves and draw their blood.