Truancy in Ipg

 Truancy in Ipg Article


Truancy or perhaps absenteeism is usually unapproved absence from course or any program. Nowadays, playing truant is a common and developing problem among the list of students yet others who operate the educational discipline. For me, it should not become a common practice because truancy will in a negative way affect education. In Institut Pendidikan Master Kampus Kota Bharu (IPGKKB), there are three main elements that make truancy a serious difficulty; lack of affinity for study, personal matters and stress concerns. First of all, most students who like to experience truant is because they have zero interest in their education. Generally, it happens because students are falling far at the rear of in their academically, so they think there is no stage for them to analyze or basically, they simply stop. Besides, pupils feel like they do not appropriate to their course whenever they always receive low markings in a questions or in examinations. Some students was forced by their family to help their study in this institute or they just get in only to get the allocated and instead of studying hard, they simply aim to complete the exam. Second of all, students that have personal matters might cause them to play truant. For example , a student may confront a financial issue. At the same time, a club organizes a programme which the college student must participate because the scholar is a best council affiliate. So , students will not be capable of join that programme as a result of personal problem because of lack of cash. Furthermore, college students may also face family issue. According to a warden in IPGKKB, the most prominent difficulty faced by students is a family problem. The students might not have a good marriage with their family members because of any factor like difference in opinion about a thing that can cause tiny fights together. Even though it is only a small deal with, the effect will lead them to enjoy truant to show their dissatisfaction. Usually, some students which have been in this scenario, just need focus on share all their problems. Last but not least, the...